Councillor Kathryn McCaffer

Kathryn is a gamer. She is a mum of two and part time sales executive for new properties. She is also a local councillor.

"I wanted to stand as a councillor for several reasons. I was very concerned about the world generally but knew there would be a limit as to how much I could do to make a difference. Locally I knew I had the chance to be heard. As well, I felt that women were dramatically underrepresented, and I wanted our views and concerns to be represented. Being a councillor has meant I have had to overcome some quite deep-seated beliefs from the public, as to what we do and how we do it. I knew I would have a lot to learn, but when you make changes that affect people for the good, it is very rewarding. I enjoy meeting people and being able to assist those in need. Being a councillor has been an amazing experience. You gain so much knowledge and this can be passed onto others. I firmly believe that anyone can be a councillor and would encourage anyone to get involved."

Kathryn is a Cabinet Member for Leisure, Arts and Culture.

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