Councillor Jackie Charlton

Jackie is a keen environmentalist, beekeeper, and Chair of Llangattock Community Woodlands. She is also a local councillor.

“I have been a been a keen environmentalist since 2000, working locally with groups who wanted to focus on the benefits of Agenda 21.

I am also profoundly deaf which could have been a barrier to public life, but my County Council Democratic Services Support has enabled me to carry out my duties without barriers. It seems a long time ago now as a youngish starry-eyed activist I started linking politics with the environment. Agenda 21 was the first global environmental movement which focused on the local. Many people could relate to so much in Agenda 21. This provided a platform to become politically aware and see that you can make a difference. During my time as a councillor since 2017, I have found the links to bring the community closer to delivering on climate change and in 2020 was involved in a successful Motion to Council to declare a Climate Emergency highlighting global issues with local action. I think that is the role of the county councillor, to keep the community engaged and active to make things better for everyone."

Jackie is a Member of the Democratic Services Committee and Vice Chair of a Scrutiny Committee.

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