Councillor Emily Durant

Emily is a single mum of two boys, chicken-lover, mountain runner, part-time charity executive and charity trustee. She is also a local councillor.

“Being part of a community has always been really important to me and when I stood for election in 2017, it felt like the right time to take my role in Llangors more seriously and dedicate myself to giving residents a voice and getting stuff done. Seeing what can be achieved when people across the community work together is a constant motivation and inspiration to me.

I wanted to provide better road safety for pedestrians in key settlements, boost local facilities and look into sustainable, local transport. I am pleased to have made great progress on road safety and local facilities but a long term sustainable transport system is still a long way from reality! I am really pleased to have tabled two successful motions that are making the Council greener and I’m working on my next one. One Councillor really can make a difference.

Being a Councillor alongside my other responsibilities has been a juggle and even more challenging with home-schooling on top, but I am so honoured and grateful for the opportunity and would recommend it to anyone."

Emily is a member of an Employment and Appeals Committee and a Planning Committee.

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