Councillor Dhanisha Patel

Dhanisha is middle child, skier and loves travelling. She is also a local councillor.

"I became a councillor after being asked to stand. I was curious about how local decision making works in practice, and whether there was any truth in rumour that I live in “the forgotten Valley”. I wasn’t sure if I would be successful, but felt I had something to offer, and that the voice of my community wasn’t being used effectively. I thought if I put myself forward, but I wasn’t elected, then at least I can say I tried. I was first elected in a by-election (an election that takes place mid-way through the 5 year term) and haven’t looked back since. There are many roles which a councillor plays, community activist, local voice in decision making, figure head, community champion, mediator, negotiator, problem solver but my favourite is confidante. Being that person that residents feel comfortable opening up to, reassuring them they are not alone and empowering them to make their voices heard. If you’re curious about standing, I say do it, you never know, you may enjoy it as much as me. It’s the best job I’ve ever had."

Dhanisha is a Cabinet Member for Well-being and Future Generations.

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